Studio Valkenier

Information and Contact

Studio Valkenier is a multidisciplinary design firm practicing broadly in the sphere of urban design, architectural and interior design and concept development.

Expanding the lifespan of buildings and lower the ecological footprint are the foundation of our projects. Circularity, social impact, context-mapping, co-creation, upcycling of materials, demountable building and non-toxic design are the core values of Studio Valkenier, together with spontaneity and embracing the beauty in imperfections.

Co-creation and collaboration are fundamental for the design process of Studio Valkenier. We believe designs are enriched by collaboration with other designers, users, thinkers. By creating a multidisciplinary team, we can make a multi-layered design of which the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Studio Valkenier is specialized in creating opportunities and interventions for lost spaces in both the city and country side. We love to experiment with ideas and we have the power to make experiments happen.

Studio Valkenier is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Contact us!
00 31 (6) 14 44 7489
00 31 (20) 215 7360

Or feel welcome at our office for a cup of biological coffee at:
Tuin van BRET,
Kastrupstraat 11G
1043CR Amsterdam

Public transportation / OV:
1 minute walking from Station Sloterdijk

Navigate / Navigatie:
Set up Kastrupstraat 11 in your navigation device. Then follow the sign ‘Kastrupstraat 11A-11G’.
De Tuin van BRET is goed te vinden door de navigatie op Kastrupstraat 11 in te stellen.Sla vervolgens af bij het straatnaambord ‘Kastrupstraat 11A-11G’.


Ruimte voor autonome architectuur

Hannekes Boom, Tuin van Bret, Ceuvel, Schoonschip

Essay geschreven door Studio Appelkruimel & Studio Valkenier