Studio Valkenier

Tuin van Bret

De Tuin van Bret
De Tuin van Bret  is Amsterdam’s first area for entrepreneurs and artist totally made from re-used materials in an innovative vineyard environment.

In 2011 Studio Valkenier brought together a group that put forth the design of the station square and transformed it into a public park. Inside the park they designed and realized restaurant BRET build of re-used red containers. After this project Studio Valkenier redesigned a vacant plot of land next to BRET into the Tuin van Bret. Because of the temporary,10-year nature of the development and the low budget, Studio Valkenier focused on developing an innovative concept where mobility and Up Cycling are central. The design of the urban plan and community-driven nature of the project combined with the Vineyard by architect Yvonne Modderman rapidly turned into something beautiful and valuable.

A circular and craft based business area that aims to repurpose all products and materials. Pavilions are built from sea containers, old greenhouses and it will even have church and an urban vineyard! Bret’s Garden aims to be a maximal impuls from and by creative entrepreneurs with a minimal footprint.