Studio Valkenier

Schoonschip Gesamt

Gesamt, a floating, self-sufficient sustainable house

The floating house consists of three levels; through the entire house spaces are fluidly connected. Every space offers magnificent orientation of the sun and water, the relation between inside and outside is intense.

The base is a concrete box with a prefabricated durable oak construction, inspired by typical Dutch wooden building constructions with mortise and tenon joints and dovetail connections. The use of this building methodology on the water is unique.

A void is dedicated to an enormous chandelier, made of re-used streetlights. This chandelier is even visible from the semi basement through a floor window. The steel fences are inspired by waving reed.

The house is part of the most sustainable floating neighbourhood of Europe. It’s a circular building, designed to be disassembled, many materials are re-used and all non-toxic. A variety of innovative measures, like a smart grid, makes the building energy neutral and self sufficient.

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