Studio Valkenier

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amsterdam connected by design

During GLUE, Studio Valkenier will give architecture tours by boat and by foot starting at Ceuvel Gallery towards the house designed by Studio Valkenier located at the most sustainable floating neighbourhood of Europe

Opened by the counciler of culture

Touria Meliani

Together with Marnix Postma, Wendy Rommers and Studio Valkenier. 

EXPO Marnix Postma

Marnix Postma:
“Artists have been fascinated and inspired by color theories for centuries. My interest is piqued by the human psyche and the consequential reaction to these color theories, especially in spatial installations. (....)“

EXPO Projects by Studio Valkenier

Studio Valkenier has a curated view of what is happening in Amsterdam. Ceuvel Gallery is where we share it. It includes links to local issues, to developments s that are making positive change to our landscape and urban fabric. We aim to be a Gallery of experience and inspiration situated in a transformed houseboat at the marvelous circular location The Ceuvel.


Welcome at Ceuvel Gallery
Located at “De Ceuvel”

Opened since:  
September 18-20.2020 
at GLUE 2020

Korte Papaverweg 8 
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Styling by
Wendy Rommers